Pickle Chips

Sun King Brewing's Wee Mac Scottish Ale

Thick cut pickled cucumber chips affectionately know as Wee Willies. Brined in Sun King's Wee Mac Scottish style ale with dill, garlic, and a hint of spice. 

Moonshine Pickle

Hotel Tango Whiskey's Mike Moonshine

This is truly a pickled pickle. These cucumbers are swimming in Hotel Tango Whiskey Mike Moonshine. Slightly sweet, perfectly salty & totally delicious. 

Pears & Plums

Flat12 Brewing's Halfcycle IPA (seasonal)

Think of these as a fruit cup for adults. Fresh pears & plumbs pickled in Flat12's Halfcycle IPA. Perfect for cocktails or picnics! 

Spicy Spears

Triton Brewing Company's Railspliter IPA

Just the right amount of spice give these pickled cucumber spears just the right kick to complement Triton Brewing Company's Rialsplitter IPA. 


Dragon Tails

Upland Brewing Company's Dragonfly IPA

Eating healthy has a new twist. These pickled carrots are sweet & spicy. Perfect for Bloody Marys, your charcuterie board, or straight out of the jar!